One story at a time, we say


Truth be told? This all started after a not-so-fun trip to the mall with my cousin some time ago. Out of the tens (maybe hundreds) of stores in that mall for young women like us, we could only shop in TWO of those stores together.


thanks to the limited size ranges. More inconvenient than the size ranges themselves, is just how accustomed we've become to excluding people-- by size, by skin tone, gender, hair texture, features, and so on.

That one shopping trip had the power to change my cousin's whole demeanor for that day and it made one thing painfully clear--

Seeing yourself matters. And it matters a lot.

So, I asked myself a couple of questions:

1. How inclusive are the self-love and body positive movements of women who still don't fit the "mold"?--How can we ACTIVELY create space for black and brown women and women who still aren't getting adequate representation of their skin color, hair type, size, features, age, or unique capabilities?

2. What are the messages that we as women and girls receive about the worth and beauty of our bodies?

3. How can we change those messages for the better and give a platform to underrepresented bodies in our media?

4. How we can we support organizations who are already on the ground, doing the work, and making sure every woman has a voice?

A "Gem" might refer to a valuable stone, but it's also the name for "a highly-prized or well-beloved person".

We believe that by taking a closer look at our own triumphs and the triumphs of one another, we'll find that person in all of us--

And you'll find her in you too.


Your point is...?

Way bigger than clothes. Our biggest goal is to actively support organizations that create platforms and opportunities for women with underrepresented backgrounds and bodies in our media.

“Every(body) is a Gem” challenges our media and our world to actively appreciate, respect, value, and create space for every woman's body. By sharing our own experiences and listening to those of others,
we can redefine what it means to be worthy, create a world that truly reflects the people who live in it, and give ourselves permission to love and respect ourselves for who we are.

If I can see the value in you, and you in me, we’ve laid the groundwork for positive social change.

And our stories are the fabric of that change.

Inclusive Body positive 100% rainbow background cotton white short-sleeve t-shirt with black ink rainbow wall Birmingham, Alabama